Changing Limiting Beliefs – 
You Must Recognize Them First

I am working on changing limiting beliefs I have because I have hit a hurdle in life.  I have all these great ideas but I have been hesitant about implementing them.  Why?  Because I have thoughts or views that I believe to be true (even though they aren’t) which are stopping me from reaching my full potential.  These “beliefs” have been implanted in my subconscious mind years ago and they are so strong that I believe them to be facts.

Here are some of them:

In order to be attractive, you must be thin.

You must work a lot of hours in to be successful. 

Formal Education (school) is the only education that matters.

Your self-worth is determined by how much money you have in your bank account.

You need lots of money to start your own business.

And I’m only scratching the surface….

I don’t think I am alone.  Chances are what is stopping me from living my dreams is the same thing that is stopping you.  We do not even realize how damaging this is. 

In order for us to start changing limiting beliefs we must recognize where they come from.   When I think back a lot of them were formed when I was growing up during my pre-teen to teen years.  I could have learned them from my parents, my friends, school and even the media.  These beliefs have discouraged me from reaching my full potential.

How to Start Changing Limiting Beliefs

The first step is to recognize them.  I’ll use my first example “in order to be attractive, you must be thin”.  I don’t know exactly when this one started but I have believed it to be true for also long as I remember.   Growing up it was rare to see a female actor or model over 120 lbs on TV, the movies and in magazines.   For years I have struggled with my weight because I did not believe I was thin enough to be considered attractive.

Attractiveness has little to do with weight, a lot to do with confidence and how someone carries themself.  Attractiveness has a lot to do with highlighting your assets and playing up your strengths.  For example, when it comes to physical appearance dressing for your body type will make anyone more attractive.  Changing your limiting beliefs about what you consider is attractive by using role models (whether a celebrity, friend or family member) who have a similar body type to yourself.

Addressing Other Limiting Beliefs

Ever wonder why some people are successful at everything they do but aren’t necessarily the brightest of the bunch?  Why many people had created a successful business without even getting a formal education in business?  The answer:   They don’t carry any negative thoughts that they aren’t good enough, qualified enough or smart enough to succeed.

The next time something is suggested to you and your immediate thought is either: cannot, won’t, no able to, and not (blank) enough recognize that this is your subconscious mind programmed with the limiting belief.  The secret to overcoming and changing limiting beliefs is to dismiss them and follow them up with a positive affirmation.

Changing Limiting Beliefs by Inducing Consciousness