Self-Coaching with Positive Affirmations

There’s a lot written out there about positive affirmations. I best describe them as self-coaching. Whatever you set out to achieve, it’s best to constantly re-enforce your goals with positive affirmations.

The secret to creating a good affirmation is to keep it focusing on the optimistic side. For example, if you trying to get out of debt do not say “I will get out of debt” because you are focusing on the negative… DEBT. Instead you should be focusing on what you want “I will have an abundance of money”.

The concepts of positive affirmations fall under the Law of Attractions. For those of you who are not familiar with the Law of Attraction, it is believe that you attract what you give attention or focus to.

Therefore, with the above example using the word DEBT, even though you have “get out of” or “do not have” you’re still using the word DEBT. You are still drawing attention to DEBT which is what you apparently do not want.

And NEVER use the word NOT. For instance, if you want to quit smoking say something like “I want to be constantly breathing in clean fresh air”, rather than “I do not want to be a smoker anymore”. Again, you’re putting focus on smoking.

Are you still with me? I hope I haven’t lost you!

Here are some examples I love to use:

When training for a half-marathon: “I will be able to run 21km (gulp!) with ease because I practice hard towards my goal.”

Ok please do not use the “gulp!” part in yours.

When sticking to a healthy eating plan: “I enjoy fuelling my body with healthy food because will make me stronger and give me more energy. Plus I will look hot in a bathing suit.”

This is a great one to use when you’re being tempted to eat junk food. Remember a second on the lips for a life time on the hips. I don’t believe that but that’s what they tell me.

On surviving your first year with a mortgage and your own bills: “I attract of abundance of money and I deserve to enjoy my first year on my own.”

The first year is tough because there’s a lot of hidden start off costs. Not to mention your first heating bill in the winter. Now I know why when I lived at home my father always told me to put on another sweater instead of turning up the heat!

Those are just a couple of examples but hopefully you get the idea. When you say something over and over again your brain will start to believe it to be true. This unfortunately is true if you re-enforce the same negative comments in your head. Never say that you do not deserve something or not good enough.

Positive affirmations work because you’re sending out a message or a desire of something you believe to be true (even if it isn’t true at the time). Just keep on practicing them and they will become second nature to you!

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