The Secret to My Success
(and Yours!)

Following these principles is the secret to my success (so far). I believe if I continue to following them, I will continue to achieve whatever I desire. These principles were adapted from practices of already successful people that I have studied. The best way to achieve success in something is to study someone who has already accomplished it.

First off, how do you define success? What does success mean to you?

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve Success in All Areas of Your Life:

1. I write out my goals so I’m clear and focused about what goals I want to achieve. I do not worry about how I am going to achieve them; I focus solely on wanting the goal. Are you ready to start goal setting? Read this helpful link on tips on goal setting and why goal setting is important.

2. I set a realistic but challenging deadline to achieve my goal. If I do not set a deadline there is no motivation to start working towards that goal. For example, when I wanted to learn how to run 10K I signed up for a 10K run in May. That forced me to get out there running.

3. I make sure I visualize the goal. If I can visualize it, I know I will achieve it. How does it look? How will you feel? Many people use vision boards to help visualize their goals and dreams.

An alternative to vision boards is a success quote journal. Learn more about it here.

4. Stay focused and do not allow myself to get frustrated is the secret to my success. This one is huge for me because it’s easy to get frustrated if you are not meeting the deadline you set out for yourself. Often times success happens because you were able to stay with it longer than anyone els Here's so tips on how to avoid frustration and stick to your goals.

Instead of focusing on what I have left to do, I focus on how much progress I have made which keeps me moving forward. As long as I’m making progress I’m still on the right path. What happens if you have not made progress? Re-evaluate your goal. Ask yourself why you are not working towards it. Is it for you or someone else? Does it agree with you and your values?

5. Break down any goal into smaller more achievable goals is the final secret to my success. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed. As humans we tend to get discouraged when faced with a difficult task.

A perfect example would to be comparing it to cleaning your room or house. At first it may be overwhelming, especially if you are a messy person, but if you break it down into different tasks it will seem more manageable. Also if you do a little bit each day, any goal will be achievable!

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