Finding Your Career Goals Objectives

Do you have career goals objectives? What is your ultimate career plan? Don’t have one? I didn’t have a solid one for a long-time instead mine has evolved over the last year or so.

In the Past

I spent most of my life having no definite idea what my career goals objectives were. My career aspiration changed as often as I changed grades in school. Since I was really into art and I loved animals, I aspired to be anything from a veterinarian to a fashion designer.

The older I got, the more unclear I was about what I wanted to do. I threw myself into university hoping that I would find something (anything!) that would peak my interest. Although I do not regret going to university, it was the college certificate program that I took afterwards that seem to help me land my current job.

This is what I have learned: unless you’re going to be a doctor or a lawyer, university lands you an education, whereas college lands you a job.

I was lucky I started at this great company, one of the top ones in its industry, in the financial district of downtown Toronto. With hard work and a bit of luck I was given the opportunity to move into this brand new position at an equally great company. In fact I’m probably the youngest one in my position in the industry.

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I’m making a decent five-figure salary for someone under 30 years old but why I am not completely happy? Can you relate to how I am feeling? Are you still searching for your career goals objectives too?

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Forcing Yourself to List Your Career Goals Objectives

In the quest to figure out why I wasn’t completely satisfied with my career I decided to ask myself the following questions:

1. What and how many hours do I want to work per week?

2. Where do I want to work?

3. What are my salary expectations?

4. Do I need additional education? Do I want to take additional courses?

5. Do I want to have a family and how will that affect my career goals?

6. Am I doing something I love (i.e. am I PASSIONATE about it)?

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The End Result

The same time I purchase my first place was the same time I started to question my career goals objectives. Moreover, it was the same time the Canadian economy took a major hit. It was then I realized job security was most important to me. And I knew it wasn’t something I could look for, it was something I had to create.

If you feel like there’s something missing in your life and you are not completely satisfied with your career, I invite you to ask yourself the above questions. Even if you are on a career path you have been planning since you were in elementary school, you might learn a thing or two about yourself.

Thinking about changing careers?

Want to Work for Yourself?

Maybe you have lots of experience or you are really good at your job? If you are self-motivated another option is to take what you are good at and work for yourself by becoming an entrepreneur. Sure there's a lot of blood, sweet and tears (especially at the beginning) but there's nothing as rewarding as working for yourself.