Finding Your Diet Inspiration

Lack of diet inspiration is why most people fail at achieving their health and fitness goals. You can read hundreds of diet related articles (trust me I have) but the key to a healthy and happy you is finding out what works best for you.

I figure after we leave high school you become one of two types of people: those who gain weight; and those who lose weight. There are very few of us that stay the same, especially in the long run. Which one are you?

When I was in high school I was on the heavier side mostly because I was not active during my teen years. This happens a lot because many of us choose to focus all of our attention on our grades rather than finding balance between school and health.

Once I hit puberty I would gain about 10 lbs a year but I was not growing that much taller. I was at my heaviest in grade eleven which was also the same year I decided I did not want to be an overweight adult. It is now 10 years later and my weight has been consistently dropping each year. I’m training for a half marathon and I frequently go to yoga.

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Failure to achieve your goals is more than the absence of weight loss motivation.

Did you know that you can be sabotaging your own success without even knowing it? Moreover, many of us do not set weight loss goals because we perceive the road to success to be more difficult than the road to failure.

I know I use to think like that until I found this great weight loss motivation. Here is some diet inspiration: those who have been successful in achieving their health and fitness goals know that it is important to take big goals and break them down into smaller ones so it is easier to tackle them one at time.

I found diet inspiration when I discovered how to eat clean. Now I put more thought into what I eat everyday but I still treat myself to dessert once in a while because I still have my sweet tooth. But I strongly believe that we should only eat what tastes good and that applies to healthy foods too.

This is all possible because of the small long lasting goals that I set for myself.

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Your Best Face Forward

Looking good is not just about your ideal body weight but great skin too! I spent most of my teen years and early 20s with terrible skin.

Since how you look reflects how you feel inside I did not feel self-assured until I discovered how to get perfect skin. I recommend trying these tips too if you want to make a great first impression and exuberate confidence.