Motivation for Achievement

Motivation for achievement is about putting yourself in the mindset for success. Whenever I’m lacking inspiration or feeling down I’ll turn to self help books and material, which in turn, almost instantly puts me in the right mind frame.

The term self help may have a negative tone to you because you may believe that you must be in some sort of emotional disaster to need them. Please do not be fooled! The self help books of today are all about personal development and achieving ones dreams.
It all started after reading the book The Secret.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill really changed the way I think (and millions of other followers!). When you change the way you think, you are able to create new opportunities that will lead to successfully achieving your goals.

Changing the way you think is important because in order for you to achieve what you have not done before, you must think like you have not before

How I changed the way I thoughts was to practice postive thinking.

Learning about the effects of positive affirmations.

Success Magazine

Success Magazine was another medium that gives me motivation for achievement. A friend of mine lent me a copy in the Spring of 2009 and I was instantly hooked. This magazine profiles stories and resources of successful individuals from today and the past. I highly recommend you pick up your copy today.

Steve Pavlina: Self-Help Guru Personal development extends past just books. There are tons of websites that are out there full of resources. I came across Steve Pavlina website by accident one day while ‘googling’ the phrase Million Dollar Experiment- a concept I read about in a book. Steve Pavlina has an amazing website full of great personal development articles on all areas of success. Moreover, it’s Steve’s writings on creating multiple streams of income and how to make money from your blog that has brought me to where I am today.

Leo Babauta:  Zen Habits, Successful Blogger and Beyond

Reading any of Leo Babauta’s successful blogs will guide anyone towards ultimate success and happiness whether it is towards their life or their lucrative blog. Leo’s followers (he refers to them as his “tribe”) are all like-minded individuals. That is that they believe in helping others will in turn create success for them. My favourite blog right now is Zen Habits which is teaching me how to get the most out of my life without being distracted by unimportant everyday things. If you are looking for your own motivation for achievement look no further.

Leo's guide to accepting critcisim.