How Do You Define Personal Success?
Something to Ponder….

How do you define personal success? What is your criteria in order for a person to be called successful?

Ask a bunch of pre-schoolers and they might define personal success as living in a very big house with lots of money and a bunch of expensive cars. If you ask someone elderly they might say living a fulfilling life surrounded by their love ones. And if you ask a 20-something you probably get an answer along the lines of having a great career, purchasing their first place and making a big paycheque.

So who’s right?

I just read this great post featured on Daily Blog Tips asking the question what is success and how would you define person success? Quite often we equate success by how much money we earn. However, this article suggests that the proper meaning of success should be defined as having a positive impact on others. And I could not agree with them more.

What do achievers have in common?

I have read and listened to a lot stories about how people have achieved long-term success. After hard work and determination there’s something else in common- integrity. To sum it up, those individuals who achieved a life-time of success lived an honest life. They did so by not cheating or stealing from others.

As a new blogger I am learning that in order to create a successful blog, you must create valuable content to your readers that will have impact on their lives. This career tip is not limited to blogging. In my current job in the “real world” I have a positive impact on others by making sure I do a quality amount of work in efficient amount of time.

In your 20-somethings it is important to chase experience over a paycheque. We’re all money hungry and we are all saving for some big milestone in our lives. Your 20-somethings are all about building skill sets and networking, so later on your payoff will be huge. I have had friends that have left a great job solely for a larger paycheque but the actual work was horrible so they were miserable.

As a soon-to-be successful 20-something think about the following question that Daily Blog Tips had asked: are you working to make as much money as possible, or to make as big an impact as possible?

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