Tips on Effective Goal Setting and Why Goal Setting is Important

The secret to success is effective goal setting. Here are some additional tips on goal setting broken down further.

Why Goal Setting is Important?

I cannot stress this enough, goal setting helps you get clear about your goals and what you want to accomplish. Thinking about wanting to accomplish something is a start but setting it as a goal is the first step.

Effective Goal Setting is About Setting Clear Intentions

Write your goals out! How do you know what your goals are if you do not write them down? Yell them from the top of the mountain and don't be afraid to share them with our supportive people in your life.

Since ideas are constantly popping in my head, I decided to walk around with a notebook. Every time I have an idea or want to research something further I write it down.

Did you know that goals that are written out are achieved more often? When you write your goals out and the steps you take towards achieving them you are able to keep track of your progress.

According to a study in the International Journal of Obesity, people who track their goals are more likely to make their new healthy behaviours a habit. When you keep a journal of your daily exercise and food consumption you are able to see where you went right and wrong. This allows you to make adjustments in your habits that will lead to successfully achieving your goals.

Smart Goals to Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a goal and do not know how to even begin to accomplish it? Here at Smart Goals for Success encourages effective goal setting which is about breaking down each goal into smart (smaller) goals.

My advice is to think back when you went to school. Do you remember getting at course outline? A course outline broke down your course into smaller pieces. It outlined your readings, homework, essay papers and exams. It set out a weekly schedule of when things were due to be completed. Making the course seemed more realistic and less overwhelming when it’s broken down.

Can you imagine if the teacher just handed you the text book at the beginning of the year and told you to complete the assignments and write the exam when ever you wanted? Would you actually get anything done or would you continue to drag your feet and procrastinate telling yourself that you would get there some day.

Adapt the same idea to your life by effective goal setting. You can do this by creating an outline and giving yourself a daily, weekly or monthly task that will help you move towards meeting your big goal. No matter how big or small the task is it’s a stepping stone to achieving a larger picture.

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