Great Example Personal Development Plan
in Following Your Passion

Here's a great example personal development plan I want to share with you! If you do not have one yourself and want to get started, this one will surely inspire you. Do not look any further because this is the best example personal development plan!

Recently, over having lunch with one of my friends and former co-workers, she announced that she quit her job to follow her dreams. To be honest, I was a little taken back at first. She was great at her job, even though I know lately she wasn’t happy, but to quit your job???? Don’t you have bills to pay? How will you afford to eat?

Maybe you can relate to her story:

After working her tail off and taking on additional responsibility she was expecting a decent raise this year. Sure the market was tough but she already took a paid freeze last year at a fairly large company. And that’s when it occurred to her….

If she willing to work hard at a job she somewhat enjoys and ends up doing well at it, imagine what will happen if she works at a job she loves?

Over the weekend she was scrolling through courses to take and she came across makeup artist, something she always wanted to pursue. After thinking about it for a minute or so she came up with a plan on how to pursue her passion without putting her life completely on hold.

This is why this TRUE story is a great illustration...

Here’s her example personal development plan:

In order to take the courses required in a semester, she would have to quit her current job. Although she doesn’t live alone she realizes that she would have to continue to work in order to pay her bills. She decides to call a friend at a chic steakhouse she use to work at and gets herself a job. She’s only required to work evenings and weekends so it won’t interfere with school.

THE GOOD: The cash is good. Depending on how many hours she works and the tips are great so she’ll probably pull in close to what she currently makes.

THE BAD: Her husband works during the day so they will be spending less time together and also less time with her beloved dog. But that’s only a short-term sacrifice.

She hasn’t even started the course but she’s already brainstorming possible career opportunities after she’s finished. Her ultimate goal is to work for herself but that won’t come right away. She networking with people she already knows in the industry and seeing if she can setup work for when she’s finished. She registers a domain name because she knows she’s going to eventually create an online business for herself.

THE GOOD: The hard work and determination will pay off. It definitely pays long-term to work for you.

THE BAD: She won’t be making money at first but if you have the right plan it’s only a short-term sacrifice.

This great example personal development plan points out that you should not let finances, age or fear hold you back from following your dreams. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Time will pass you by and that’s one more day, month or year less that you could have been doing what you love.

And guess what? When you’re doing what you love you’re probably going to be more successful at it. It won’t feel like work so you’ll probably love doing it and working harder than ever. And you will prosper in more ways than one!

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