How To Succeed In Life

I’m only in my twenties so I don’t know how to succeed in life - at least not yet. However, I have learned a lot about others who have. I’ve read countless books and listened to different media outlets and every individual has one thing in common.

That one this is that they believe in order to succeed in life you must follow your passion.

The biggest regret people make in life is not following their passion.

This is what most elderly people say when they are asked what they would do differently. Instead they work everyday doing a job they are not crazy about just to make ends meet. They allow their jobs to control them and dictate their everyday life.

Another mistake is choosing a job based solely on the paycheque or status. Going to school to become a doctor, lawyer or account is a lot of work. I work at a law firm so I know that lawyers put in long hours. Those hours are going to seem even longer if you aren’t crazy about your job.

How do you know what you’re passionate about?

Ask yourself if money wasn’t a factor what would you do for a living? What are your hobbies? What do friends and family say you’re good at? You will then know how to succeed in life.

Why you SHOULD follow your passion

If you’re doing something you really love doing chances are you’ll work really hard to do it well. And even if you’re working on it all the time it won’t feel like work because you enjoy doing it.

Why don’t people follow their passion?

If following your passion is how to succeed in life, what is holding people back? The answer is fear! They aren’t sure where to start, fear of failure and uncertainty.

Where do I start?

The common suggest I hear over and over again about following your passion is to become an expert in your field. Don’t be intimated by thinking that you have to go to school to be an expert in your field. Just saturate yourself with information.

For example, if you love working out and know a lot about eating healthy, you should consider a possible career change in health and wellness.

Do you know anyone that’s already doing what you want to do? Get to know them better by asking them about their journey to their current occupation. What type of education do you need or what experiences are necessary.

Join groups and signup for newsletters pertaining to your future career. Keep yourself in the loop with the industry.

You don’t have to quit your day job! I think a lot of us are afraid that in order to follow your dreams you must quit your day job. For most of us that’s unrealistic- we have bills to pay and life to experience.

Tim Ferris the author of The Four Hour Work Week points out that most entrepreneurs start-up businesses while being still employed for the reason of the safety net. It’s all about making a plan to balance work, future plans and fun.

So if how to succeed in life is doing what you love, what’s holding you back?

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