Job Interview Attire - Dress to Impress Everyday!
Here’s Why...

I don’t think any of you will find it groundbreaking if I tell you that your job interview attire matters- that’s a given. We all know that the clothes we choose to wear in an interview will make it or break it.

But why should the effort we put towards selecting clothing for an interview stop at just the interview? Does it matter what we wear on a day-to-day basis?

I was inspired to write this entry based on an article I read in The Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) called “Want to get paid like a CEO? Image is key”. To sum it up quickly there was a study conducted where 2,000 participants were asked to assess photographs of more than 100 unidentified CEOs and non-executives and rate them based on their appearances, mainly how competent they thought they were. The results were the stronger the rating of competency of the CEOs by the participants, ironically, the more those CEOs made.

[Editors’ note: CEO stands for “chief executive office”. In other words, “the big boss”.]

Are you still with me? The study suggests the competent you look (the perception that you are able to do your job well) the higher you are paid. Do not get that confused with actually being more competent. Therefore, is it safe to say that more successful looking you are, the more successful you will be?

How does this relate to Job Interview Attire?

It will in a second… that article reminded me of two great phrases that have been repeated to me over and over again:

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I know that I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. According to the article looks do matter when it come to promoting. Since people are generally visual creatures, you want to appear that you have the appearance of someone that has what it takes to reach the top. The best way to do so is dress for success! Taking pride in your job interview attire or what you wear everyday to work shows that you take your job seriously.

You are a walking business card. Do you think all job interviews are planned? You do not know when you’ll be walking into a potential job opportunity. Taking pride in your image will reflect positively on you. If you leave a lasting impression everyday, just based on your image, people (i.e. potential employers or references of potential employers) will remember that.

Recommended Job Interview Attire for business wear:

1. Keep the majority of it classic with white, black and gray.

2. For interviews I like to add something that’s unique that will separate myself from others. For example, adding colours that are flattering (not in your face). A friend of mine recommended wearing some interesting jewellery. Guys you can add “interesting” with a tie. It can be used to help break the ice and will also distinguish you from other interviewees. This also prevents you from looking like a waiter (i.e. white dress shirt and black pants).

3. Make sure your clothes fit and are not wore out. Make sure your pants go past your ankles and skirts to the knees. It’s classy, not trashy.

4. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. This one is a given, need I say more?

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