Motivate Yourself to Workout After
Falling Off the Exercise Bandwagon

Looking for ways to motivate yourself to workout again after taking a “break”?  Are you having a difficult time getting back to into your exercise routine?  I am….

When I first started this website I was running approximately 8 to 12 km before the crack of dawn and practicing yoga four days a week.  I was unstoppable!  I was so committed to my exercise plan that no social engagement, work commitment or rain cloud would stop me.  Working out didn’t seem like a chore either because I loved the way I felt afterwards.  I high no drug could ever duplicate.

So why did I stop?

I couldn’t understand how people couldn’t fit exercise into their daily routines until it happened to me.  A lot of things in my life changed at once – my mom got sick so I was spending more time with her, I took a promotion at work and the yoga studio I loyally practiced at closed down.  And that was just the beginning.

I lost momentum.  Taking a day off suddenly became two days then a week.

And you know what was funny?  I started getting sick more.  Going into work my head never seemed to be clear and I had trouble focusing.  I started feeling tired which made it even more difficult to convince myself to start working out again.  There was a growing list of why I couldn't workout period. 

Who was this person?

Looking for Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout Again

For me I don’t feel like I’m being the best version of myself.  I noticed a slight weight increase after a year and I imagine if I continue down this path of self loathing it will only get worse.

I made some bold commitments to get myself back in shape.

1.        I joined a gym.  Unlike the general population it bothers me too much to pay for a membership and not use it.  So I committed myself to a year and so far the first three months I’ve gone more times than not.

2.       I signed up for my second half marathon.  I ran my first one three and half years ago so I know I can do it but I’m far from my goal right now.

3.       I start practicing yoga at home.  My goal is to purchases some passes at the local hot studio to establish a routine.  

Unfortunately there are some challenges. 

Here’s how I’m going to overcome them which will hopefully inspire you to motivate yourself to workout again.

My runs suck!  It’s the winter so I’m running on treadmill.  In order for me to regain my endurance I must keep on running.  So I started with 30 minutes and I slowly increase it 5 to 10 minutes each week.  The punishment is to stay on the treadmill whether I’m running or walking.  Eventually I’ll be running most, if not the entire time.

More frequent runs help too.  As a former running coach for The Running Room I found students often told me they cannot run long distances.  Most were surprised to find out that after a few sessions a week their endurance built up quickly.  Sadly this works the opposite way too.  Skip a few weeks and you won’t be able to run as far.

I can say the same for yoga.  Right now my body isn't flexible and I cannot get into poses as deep as I use to.  Practicing in a hot room will help to warm up my muscles and with a few sessions under my belt I bet I’ll gain my flexibility back.

It might be difficult to motivate yourself to workout at first but don’t give up.  Set yourself some realistic goals each month.  They can be as simple as working out three times a week.  A small goal (working out period for example) is better than not doing anything at all.  At the beginning focus on quantity over quality so you can set up a routine and build momentum.  Once you have a few weeks under your belt then focus on high quality sessions that will build your endurance.

Good luck and don’t give up!  I know I’m definitely not going to let myself fall off the exercise bandwagon again.

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