Unconditional Self Acceptance
Will Give You Everything You Want

Showing gratitude is the best way to unconditional self acceptance. Your self esteem is low if you let your emotions such as jealousy or self-pity get the best of you. It is easy to be grateful when good things come your way, however, the real challenge is to show gratitude when things are not going so well.

What is gratitude?

Being thankful for what you have. Moreover, focusing on what you have instead of what you do NOT have. If you are someone that is constantly comparing yourself to another person and is never completely satisfied with your life, it is time to get some emotional self help otherwise you will never be happy. Under the law of attraction in order to attract abundance you must start showing gratitude.

I remember going through a difficult week a few years back. It started with my computer acting up. Then my boyfriend and I split. He was someone who was a close friend even before we dated. And to top it off the next morning I sprained my ankle while going for my morning jog (five weeks before the Toronto marathon which I was training for).

It was the worst pain that I have felt in a long time. That is both physical and emotional pain at the same time. I guess that is how the expression “when it rains, it pours” started. I was determined not to stay in this mental funk so I decided to focus on being grateful for all the goods things going on in my life. My luck started to change when I found my unconditional self acceptance.

What is unconditional self acceptance?

In yoga we often use the phrase "you are exactly where you are suppose to be". This might be a little too abstract but it means to accept where you are in life today. This moment. Do not judge yourself or let your ego get in the way of where you are suppose to be.

Here’s a simple activity to get you started towards finding your unconditional self acceptance:

1. You can start by visualizing or making a list of all the people you are grateful to have in your life. If you are having a difficult time, try imagining your life without some of those people in it. For example, your mother may drive you up the wall with constant phone calls and showing up unannounced at your home but she is probably the first one that will rush to your side whenever you are in distress.

2. Next make a list of material things you are grateful to have such as a house (even if it is rented, at least you can afford it), car/access to transportation, clothing and/or a great job (or even a job period).

3. Lastly, (this might be the most difficult part) showing gratitude towards the things you take for granted everyday. For example, I love running and practicing yoga. Since I had sprained my ankle, I was not been able to do either. Therefore, I am grateful that my sprain was just a temporary thing and not something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. I am appreciative that I have a fully functional body and I rarely need to see a doctor. I am sure that will make you think twice before skipping your next workout.

If you are having trouble with these unconditional self acceptance exercises I recommend that you become involved in volunteering. You end up meeting people in various situations most likely with less (that is mainly material objects) than you. The funny thing I have found is that they are usually a lot happier and appreciative that most of us. I first got involved in volunteering to help through a difficult time. I found that I always left my session in a better mood.

As for me, I am truly grateful that you took the time to read this.

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