Commonsense Weight Loss Inspiration:
The Eat Clean Diet

Who is Tosca Reno and why is she my favourite weight loss inspiration?

I first heard about Tosca Reno after attending the Consumer Fitness and Wellness Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre in the summer of 2009 when she was the featured presentation. At the time I was looking for additional weight loss inspiration that was logical to me.

I personally do not buy into diets; I buy into commonsense. Anything that requires deprivation (which means feeling constantly hungry or that you are lacking nutrients) is not something that can be managed in the long-run. That is why most diets fail because they are not an eating lifestyle that can be maintained long-term. In contrast, Tosca Reno's eating clean to stay lean sounds like commonsense to me.

Tosca Reno graced the stage and unlike everyone else crowded around her, I had no idea who she was and why she is such a weight loss inspiration. She’s a fit blonde 50 year old woman that would put any 20-something to shame. It would be easy to hate someone that gorgeous until you hear her story.

Like many soon-to-be successful people Tosca Reno had hit rock bottom and had to overcome several obstacles. At 40 years old she found herself miserable by being stuck in an unfulfilling marriage, not to mention overweight. But she realized that she had to take control over her own destiny and that’s when she discovered how to eat clean.

At 50 years old Tosca Reno has over half a dozen books on how to eat clean; she’s a motivational speaker; she writes articles for Oxygen magazine; not to mention that she's a fitness model and weight loss inspiration to countless individuals!

Here’s an overview of her eating clean principle:

- Eating makes up 80% to get fit.

- She says the key is to stay full all the time by combining lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.

- Eat 6 meals a day, every 3 hours.

- Lean proteins are fish, egg whites, grill chicken, soy products.

- Complex carbohydrates are vegetables and whole grains.

- Stay away from sugar because it breaks down the body which equals aging. - Her “miracle” product is flax seed because it keeps you regular. Most North Americans are constipated because they do not get enough fibre. It is normal to have a “movement” 2 to 3 times a day.

- Drink lots of water to stay regular.


- Pounds will melt off.

- It will fire up your metabolism which will in turn increase blood circulation (this is especially important if you are constantly cold).

- Increase blood circulation will increase your sex life guaranteed (her words). She even had a test involving broccoli. She calls it the “green Viagra”. She promises that if you end 1 cup of broccoli every day for a week, your sex drive will increase.

If you are always low on energy, give clean eating a try. The key is to plan ahead and pre-make your meals so you will be less likely to stray during dinner and snack time. Soon you will agree that eating clean is not only gimmick free but also common sense. Fuel your body with wholesome foods it will thank you!

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