My Definition of Success

I really want to share with you a great magazine that is my definition of success. The name of the magazine not surprisingly is Success.

I was first introduced to the magazine in 2009 by a friend and I instantly became hooked. Unfortunately, I find it hard to get a hold of it because it is an American magazine (in the Toronto area I can only find it at Chapters) so I decided to subscribe to it. I have to say I’m yet to be disappointed.

What is My Definition of Success?

Success magazine promotes achieving overall success in all areas of your life. This is success in your career, your health, your finances and your relationships (in no particular order). In other words you must satisfy all areas of your life in order to accomplish true success.

And I definitely believe in this. I try to reiterate the same message with “Smart Goals to Success” as also being the definition to success.

How does Success Magazine differ from other Magazines?

Like I mentioned above, Success magazine focuses on all aspects of your life, not just one or two which is my definition of success. Often times when you devote all your energy to one area in your life, the other areas fall apart. This can be rather upsetting because I think we often believe that focusing on only one part of our life will create overall happiness. That is absolutely false and not the definition of success. We need to feel accomplished in all areas of our life in order to truly be happy.

Another way Success magazine differs is that its articles are geared to people who are already motivated and want to receive some additional inspiration. How many times have you picked up what you thought was a great article only to finish reading it and then realize you could have written it yourself? A lot of the articles that appear in other magazines are written for people who are looking for the first step towards self-motivation.

What you will find inside Success magazine:

Each month you will find a person, couple or even family of the definition of success on the cover. I enjoy the fact that they select people from all different professions, and do not limit to just the self-help field. For example, past issues have included Richard Branson (a successful entrepreneur), Dr. Phil and his family (the self-help guru), Serena Williams (a tennis champ) and Alicia Keys (an amazing performer and entertainer). And since they feature many different people in a variety of industries, I have learned about other individuals I would have not otherwise.

At first it may seem puzzling as to why they might put a certain individual on the cover especially if they’re a celebrity, but once I read the cover story I become aware that this individual falls under the definition of success. To illustrate, I was surprised to learn that Suze Orman, the American financial guru, once struggled with debt. It wasn’t until she educated herself first that she managed to find financial success and now she shares her wealth of knowledge with everyone.

It really goes to show you that most successful people have overcame an obstacle to become who they are today. By reading about other people’s journeys and struggles, it gives me the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and get solutions any of my related problems.

On top of the cover story there’s lots of other great articles featured inside usually on goal setting, positive attitude, motivation and even health tips, just to name a few.

Other Great Features:

Each issue comes with a motivational CD that features audio and video selections from most influential and motivational people from the past century. I like to listen to it while I’m cleaning or when I need some extra motivation in my life; it instantly recharges me.

Darren Hardy, the editor of Success magazine, has a really great blog that he uses to share some of his wisdom. For the beginning of 2010 he created this free program called “Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life: Your Personal Strategy Plan for Achieving Life Long Goals”. Click here to find out more.

Darren Hardy usually charges for his consulting but in this instance he’s offering his program online for free (which I have immediately signed up for, after all he interviews the most inspiring people in the world).

Still not convinced?

You can sign up for the Seeds of Success which is a weekly newsletter that highlights featured articles from the magazine as well as some success related products that all fall under my definition of success. And you do not have to be a subscriber to take advantage of this.

Check out Success Magazine website to read some of their articles that are featured online. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Click here for more of my definition of success.