Steps to Get Over a Break Up -
He’s NOT as Charming as He Seems!

Having a broken heart sucks so here are the best steps to get over a break up. Stuck like glue on a guy that won’t give you the time of day? Arg!!! Why do we continue to do this to ourselves?!?!? We get all dressed up to go out for a girls’ night and end up meeting what appears to be the man of our dreams? Not only is he super cute, he’s a great catch on paper: he has his own place, college/university education and full of ambition. “This is it” you declare, you’ve finally found “the one”, you say while sipping on your forth cocktail.

Or maybe it was a completely sobering experience. You met Prince Charming through mutual friends. You go out on a couple of dates and secretly you plan the rest of your life together in your head (never out loud).

But next thing you know the relationship fizzles- he gets busy or tired… or both. You on the other hand? You aren’t ready to let go. You start over analyzing the relationship with your close (and not so close) friends, you send him (drunken) text messages, you start showing up to his favourite hang outs or maybe you stalk him on Facebook.

Why is it that super cool girls like us and Jenny Blake get so caught up in these guys? Why do we put them on a pedestal? What are the steps to get over a break up when I guy completely sucks us in?

The truth is that it isn’t so much the guy rather how he made you feel that you’re attached to. Realize that... he made you believe in love again.

I’ve compiled a list on how to get over any guy. Here are affirmations for getting over a break up:

1. You’re the catch because at one point you caught him. Go catch yourself another fish or two.

2. Don’t over analyze it. Relationships are more so about timing and less about chemistry (I learnt that one later on in life). You might be a greater catch than his next love interest but the timing wasn’t there.

3. Don’t stalk him. If there’s any future potential it will bother him more not knowing what you’re up to rather than trying to be in his face. Delete him from your Facebook now! You’ll thank me later when he moves on to a less than attractive girl (they always do).

4. When going out for a night of fun leave your cell phone behind or in the purse of your sober best friend.

5. Upgrade yourself. Get a new haircut, change your look or sign up for a new course. Don’t live in the past… improve for the future.

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