Get Over a Toxic Relationship by Showing Gratitude

There are many ways to describe a toxic relationship; I describe it as any relationship that brings you down. Moreover, a relationship with someone that does not let you grow by holding you back. In order to grow as a person you must let that relationship go.

I know a lot people have a difficult time after a break-up so accordingly I think being grateful, regardless of the circumstance, helps you heal and move on.

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How to Show Gratitude:

After a break-up be thankful that you met someone that taught you more about yourself no matter how long or how little they were in your life. In my case my last boyfriend was encouraging and very supportive to get me to start this website- an idea I had for over a year. I wonder if I had not met him would I have had the confidence. Or maybe I would have procrastinated some more and never got around to it. He started his own business hence he was great inspiration to me.

Break-ups start a cleansing process which leads to focusing on personal development. The best thing to do after a break-up, especially a difficult one, is take some time and focus on you.

Towards the end of a different relationship, I felt showing gratitude helped me to get over that break-up. When it ended it gave me the push to finally move out on my own and change jobs so I could advance in my career.

I did not realize how much I lost myself in that relationship by putting my goals on hold. Not only that I also found some new hobbies, I joined The Running Room and took up hot yoga. I was re-introduced into reading and I developed a huge appetite for personal development books. Since these are defining factors to the person I am today, I cannot imagine how dull my life was before this. How could I not show gratitude?

If it has been a while since your toxic relationship ended, reflect back on your life so far. How has it changed? You might be surprised if anything; you probably have learned to become more independent.

What if it ended on bad terms?

Showing gratitude after the end of a toxic relationship is definitely a challenge especially if you were blindsided and left bitter. Be grateful that the relationship did not last longer than it did. Be grateful that you did not waste anymore of your precious time. Hopefully you learned some lessons along that way that will help you spot a loser a mile away before you get even more emotionally involved.

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Finally demonstrating gratitude falls under the principles of the Law of Attractions (not familiar with Law of Attractions? More on this later.). It states in order to attract something into your life your must act like you already have it by being thankful. Therefore, start showing gratitude towards love and relationships if you want to attract a new one into your life. The best way to do that is love yourself. Like the expression goes, it is better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all.

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